IISc Global Conference 2019

Science and Technology for a Better World 

Overall Theme of the Conference    

-Marching towards the future

Garnering the best and the brightest minds of Scientists and Engineers from IISc and around the world to foster scientific and technical innovation and breakthroughs that lead to a healthy, safe and sustainable future for India and the world.

We anticipate over five hundred eminent scientists and engineers, academic leaders, corporate executives from start-ups to large corporations, involved in state-of-the-art research and industrial applications, to participate in the conference. The conference will include key-note addresses, presentations and panel discussions on leading-edge developments in varied topics relevant to modern society, including next generation computing, cyber security, biomedical sciences, agricultural sciences, environmental sciences, renewable energy, and space technology. To place this firmly in the globalized world, the conference will also feature the importance of Science and Technology for Social Change, and the Ethics and Impact of Science.

The conference attendees will range from seasoned and renowned professionals to emerging young experts. The gathering will provide, and the conference program will facilitate, an excellent networking forum to explore opportunities for collaborations, joint ventures, recruiting and entrepreneurial interactions. Our previous three conferences held in the SF Bay area (2007), Chicago (2013) and Bengaluru (2015) had excellent outcomes for the participants, and we expect similar results this time.

In addition to the highly engaging topics mentioned above, the conference will include cultural programs to showcase award-winning young talent.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Bay Area.